Thrust into an unknown world

Perhaps I should have gotten onto Twitter when it first came out.  To be honest, I never felt I had anything of interest to say that would garner a following.  I still don’t!  But I’ve recently registered for a MOOC about Technology Enhanced Learning and have decided that if for no other reason, perhaps I should be at least familiar with the modes of communication my students use.

I think I am listed as Jay Brinker1. I could be wrong.

It has asked me who I want to follow. This is a lot of pressure. As an academic endeavour, I feel I ought to only choose people of respectable standing.  And sincerely I don’t really care to hear what most celebrities have to say. But if you type in “academic” into the search box, the most peculiar results emerge.

Please feel free to make recommendations.

Even worse it has a section about who is following me. This could a double edged sword. If no one is following me, it would be insulting. I could tell my students to follow me (power imbalance and all) but then I’ll be under the gun to post clever and inspiring tweets. My clever and inspiring moments are rare, fleeting and decidedly unpredictable.

I also don’t really know what a hash tag is or how to use one. The help section has a lot of information, but this feels like reading the manual to my new vacuum. I should be able to figure this out on my own. I’m a smart person. But the truth is I couldn’t figure out how to empty the dust canister on my vacuum until I hit a critical button which dropped the bottom of the canister releasing all of my hard work right back onto the floor.

I wonder what the Twitter equivalent is to making a big mess.

Ah well, all in the name of posterity and excellence in higher education.